Thursday, 23 August 2012

Best Crawling Toy: Fisher Price - Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along

Fisher-Price, how I love thee! I get so excited when I walk down an aisle full of Fisher-Price toys. I love how Fisher-Price toys are so dynamic, changing as the child grows and develops and how you can clearly see how a certain toy/product is going to engage a child’s learning and encourage mobility.

I bought the Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along as a Christmas present for Mr.T. Back then he was only around 2 months old. He didn’t really know what to do with it, but he liked looking at the flashing colours and listening to the music that the drums played.

A few months later Mr T started sitting up, and he began to push on the drum pads and squeal with delight as the music played. The drums are a perfect size to fit in-between a baby’s legs so they can easily play with the drums without having to lean too far forward.

And now? The best part is the drums can be turned into a ‘bongo’ position so they can roll along the floor. So Mr T plays with these drums ALL day and I am not exaggerating! It is perfect as it doesn’t roll too far away like a ball does, so he doesn’t become disheartened but it rolls away at just the right distance and within seconds he is off! And once he reaches the drums, he grabs them, sits himself up and plays with them in the upright position.

No other toy that he owns has encouraged him to crawl in this fashion. Even I, waiting for him at the end of the hall, calling out enthusiastically “Come on, come to me! Quick! Come on over!” has been as effective as the enticing call of flashing lights and music. And speaking of the music – It’s not over-powering or annoying like many toys are. It’s pleasurable to the adult ear and like many Fisher-Price toys, it has 2 settings for volume which is always a plus.

Another awesome toy by Fisher-Price! Love it J


  1. Thanks for the memories, i loved Fisher Price as a child & then for my children. I've kept most of their FP toys for my grandchildren too (i say aged 37!!) But my 4 have grown out of them now (youngest is 8) & i miss those days of setting up the toys, glorious fun, love Posie

  2. Oh my gosh, you've just reminded me, I had this toy! My 2yr old used to play with it... I wonder where it went? I must have sold it on eBay. Shame, because my baby girl would love it!

  3. Love the nostalgic feel of Fisher-Price toys, they just go and go forever! It's a great toy, hope you find it Kelly!