Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The $3 Toy Investment and other simple (and cheap!) pleasures for your baby.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the amazing toys and games that technology has given us over time. It is fantastic that if you want to help your baby crawl, talk, walk, read and more there are toys you can purchase that are designed to be completely ideal. But I was recently inspired to take a step back and look at the beautiful awe and wonder that a baby can get from a simple, bright rubber ball.

I was at Northpark Private Hospital for 4 days trying to help my precious little man learn to sleep when one day a midwife joined us for a play on the floor. She pulled out a medium sized rubber ball. My son had some soft ones at home but the rubber of these balls allowed him to grip it so easily that he could hit, roll, lift and throw it! My son usually hates tummy time with a passion, screaming until your ears are about to drop off and headbutting himself into the floor. While playing with this ball he lasted on his belly for a good 20 minutes which is no easy feat for this stubborn boy!

Needless to say when we were on our way home I came across those balls that are all different sizes in the big steel cages at K-Mart and for $3.00 we had one of the best toys my baby has come across to date.

Sometimes with all the whizz bang toys around these days we forget about the simpler things in life! Feathers, fabrics of different textures, pots and pans, cardboard boxes are all going to delight and stimulate a baby’s learning.

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