Sunday, 11 November 2012

Oh My Giddy Aunt - Engraved Puzzle Link (GIVEAWAY)

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! THE WINNER IS SHANNONANDANNE. Congratulations! And thanks to those who entered. Please check your email Shannonandanne!

Sometimes you come across a business that you just know is very special. All the products are gorgeous, the items are well priced and the customer service is excellent.

I can honestly tell you that this has been my experience of Oh My Giddy Aunt. I recently wrote a business profile about the lovely lady who started it all, Chief Aunt Nikki here.

When Nikki told me she would like to give away a puzzle piece to a lucky School of Mum reader I thought this was going to fit me PERFECTLY! I've been hinting at my husband for ages that I would love to have a wearable item that represents us, as a family. I was originally thinking a pendant like this...

But when I saw the puzzle piece I thought that was so pretty and I already have a necklace I wear all the time that means a lot to me. Within a couple of emails Nikki had organised to have a bracelet with two puzzle pieces, engraved and attached sent out to me.

The delivery was fast. Express in fact. I had expected to wait a while considering it was being engraved. But within 3 days it was here!

The wrapping and packaging was stunning. It made me all the more excited to see the quality of the product inside.

And it did not disappoint. Beautiful, shiny, sterling silver and perfect engraving. I can't wait to add symbols to it that mean something to myself and my family.

Oh My Giddy Aunt specialises in commemorative pieces. Here's a few of my favourites!

Want to win an engraved puzzle piece? It's easy but the Giveaway is only open until 9pm tomorrow so get in quick!

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The person who has completed all of the above and has the most creative answer will win!

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Here’s the fine print:
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* One entry per person
* A valid email must be provided in the comment so we can contact you if you are a winner.
* Entries close 9pm 12th November, 2012
* Winner has 3 days to respond before another is chosen.


  1. I'd start my collection with my husband's name then our puppy's name, with the plan of adding more pieces if/when we have kids eventually. :)

  2. Liked and shared both pages :)

    My puzzle & life consist of my beautiful daughter Charlotte who's smile warms everyroom and her brilliant daddy & my adoring partner, Anthony so I can keep them close everywhere I go!

  3. Each piece would represent
    Great milestones and time well spent!
    My children and hubby celebrated
    Every special event commemorated!

  4. The What's In Your Soul Locket - Round Lockets are gorgeous as are many pieces :)
    I would definetly get this and put CX2 J and a gold heart in it
    My hubby is Chris , daughter is Chloe and son is Jack all the special people that I adore

    liker of both pages :)

  5. Whoops-my email is

  6. My puzzle pieces will be a representation of 4 generations close to my heart consisting of my grandma, mum, myself and my adorable daughter.
    Liked and shared!

  7. I got given a charm bracelet years ago from my best friend. I would love to add some puzzle pieces with: Matt (my husband) and Echo (our golden retriever) engraved. I'd love to add more as we have kids.

  8. Liked and shared both pages!!

    I would have my darling fiance, Anthony, and my adorable son, Levi... Because they were the missing pieces in my life. Without them I am incomplete.

  9. Three beautiful daughters, a husband to boot
    We fit together, there's no dispute!
    Like puzzle pieces, together we're whole
    Love binds us together, body and soul...

    (Email is

  10. These are so adorable! First i would have 1 for my wonderful husband Franc to celerbrate the day we got married. And 2nd piece would be for my darling little angel Sam, with whom I give all my heart and love him more than anything.


  11. Hi my name is Jenya, I have been staling SoM for ages, and have also liked Oh My Giddy Aunt's page - what beautiful creations!
    I think a piece of puzzle with my daughter's name on it will be a good representation of how her arrival has made our lives more complete. I don't wear necklaces often, and when I do I would like them to have a special meaning (well, if I wil it will be a necklace :) )
    my e-mail address is

  12. A special little treasure,
    To mark my life's pleasure,
    Which is my sweet children three,
    And my best friend - my hubby!
    So on a necklace daintily strung,
    Four puzzle pieces would be hung!
    Each engraved with their names so when we're apart,
    I can still always keep them close to my heart!



    Life is like a puzzle, you can shove two ill-fitting pieces together, but there's nothing like finding those perfect fitting pieces - my husband and daughter

  14. i have shared on twitter

  15. LIKEd School of Mum and My Giddy Aunt as well

  16. i have shared on facebook

  17. i would love the puzzle to have my das name put on it he passed away when i was 11 years old and i carry his neck chain with me everywhere and i would love to have a puzzle piece to hang from a braclet to have him on me permantly such a great thing these charms