About Me

I am a Primary School teacher living in Country Victoria in a rural town who is currently a stay at home mum to one cheeky little boy!

I blog about everything educational - Thoughts and ideas, product reviews, philosophies, activities and more.

I also blog about personal stories related to parenting, family life and more.

I am hoping that this blog will be a place where  parents can go when looking for information regarding children and their learning that is in 'parent speak!'

I can be contacted by anyone for anything! I would love to hear from you :-)


  1. Hey Angela, I am your dad equivalent - a primary school teacher, stay at home parent to one cheeky little boy and blogging about the whole experience. What's easier to wake up to on a Monday morning, teaching or parenting?

  2. Haha wow! Will have to head over and see what the male 'me' is like! That's a tricky question! It chops and changes all the time. Depends on my Sunday night and sleep (or lack of). Wouldn't change it for a second though :-)

  3. Hi Angela, it was so lovely to meet you today. I am looking froward to reading more on your blog :)

    1. Thanks Krystie! Lovely to meet you too. Can't wait to check out your Blog also x

  4. Really enjoy your blog, thank you for the advice on childrens crawling best toys.