Tuesday, 13 November 2012

12 DAYS of GIVEAWAYS - Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA! And thanks to everyone who entered! Plenty more opportunity during this Christmas Extravaganza so check it out!

We have been so lucky to try out the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar by Leapfrog. After the success we have had with Scout the LapPup (he comes with us everywhere!) and the Alphabet Learning Bus, Tom was more than happy to get rockin' with this guitar!

I love the technology that LeapFrog are taking on board here. The guitar is a smooth surface, and every touch, or swipe brings the toy to life in one way or another.

The guitar has 10 built in songs, including popular ones like "If you're happy and you know it" and the "ABC" song. If you 'strum' the guitar really fast it increases the speed of the singing. So cute! Tom was rocking back and forth to the music and having a blast.

It encourages roleplay and who wouldn't love a bit of rockin' and rollin? Even the hubby couldn't resist whipping out his Ramones t-shirt and getting a bit rock n' roll...

And it gives you some applause too so total satisfaction there!

The Touch Magic Guitar is geared to ages 3 years + and that's definitely where it would be most beneficial. However, at 12 months old, Tom is still enjoying it by learning that different buttons do different things and of course, rocking to the music! He will grow into being able to understand the prompts given to him like "Touch the song button to play a song, then start strumming the guitar"

Let's face it...the kid looks like a budding rockstar already!
GIVEAWAY: Want to win this awesome rockin' guitar by LeapFrog?

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  1. Oh my Gosh my daughter would love this!!! She is only 14 months but adores music and dance! She has bongo drums, shakers and a keyboard this would be the perfect addition!!!

    Shared (can't tag sorry)
    Email: bec_dale02@hotmail.com

  2. aprt from benefiting from this awesome guitar it would be nephew, christian. He would go bananas playing this hahaha, and i would have title of famous Aunty :)

  3. My darling daughter who is almost 2 would love a leapfrog rockin' guitar. She loves sitting with daddy while he has a strum and she has started showing more interest in it plucking at the strings herself. The two of them could make beautiful music together.
    If you're happy and you know it play guitar :)


  4. Mia would absolutely LOVE that! She will be 1 next week and she loves music, every time I put on our Play School or Wiggles CD she starts grooving, in fact anytime sh hears any music, even my phone ringtone she starts grooving! This would go perfectly with the baby grand piano I have layby'd her for her b'day (not a real one obviously, though maybe one day, you never know!).
    Have shared on both facebook and twitter.

  5. That looks like such a fantastic toy! I can see in the years to come that my little man would really enjoy this. He is loving all things musical at the moment and has just started with the cutest little 'bob' when any song comes on the TV/radio. And I'm sure his older cousin would have a lot of fun stealing it off him and enjoying the music too!

  6. My niece would love this! She is 2 years with the personality of a 10 year old lol


  7. My almost 2yo son would love this toy. He hums with me when I put him to bed and tries to sing with his big sister's in the car. I'd love to see him rock out with this guitar!

  8. Definitely my Mr. Little would fall in love with this awesome rockin' guitar. He likes music a lot and beats his small bucket bottom like drum.
    Have tweeted: https://twitter.com/lindtar/status/268328162872680448
    Thank you :)

  9. my 7 month old would love this. loves anything musical, drums, piano, tambourine. im excited just looking at it
    now ive shared but cant tag


  10. The Touch Magic Rockin Guitar
    Would be best for Miss 2 by far!
    A little muso; loves to play
    This would certainly make her day!!!

    Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/queenofcomps/status/268429042510860288
    Email kookla123@yahoo.com

  11. The main beneficiary would be me since my toddler currently likes to play a recorder! At least this guitar would offer some kind of tune! info@thischarmingmum.com

  12. My 3 year old son! He attends speech pathology sessions, so a fun toy that got him singing would be a brilliant help.

    1. Email is smoanee@hotmail.com. Have shared on facebook and tweeted.

  13. This amazing guitar would distract my little rock angel from my husbands actual guitar and sit perfect with her bongo's


  14. This Guitar is Connor to a T,
    Cheeky and loud with a big personality,
    He'd rock and roll every day,
    Having fun with musical play!

    Jessie Hay

  15. My 11 month old son would absolutely love this. He bounces up and down whenever he hears music, but wait hubby would love it more lol

  16. We would all get alot of fun out of this
    Especially my almost three yr old as he thinks he's a member of KISS

  17. Email is darralee@y7mail.com

  18. Jayden has all his air guitar moves down pat, he just needs the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar to really get his groove going. shared on face book and tweeted lynndi_lou1@hotmail.com

  19. I want to say my 12 month old would get the most benefit from this (loves music), but i think hubby and i would play more :)

  20. Our Wiggles guitar's stuck on the same sound. Please save me from this annoying sound, my son's determined to play over and over again!!! russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  21. my son would just love this guitar and boy would he play with it he trys and plays with the other childrens things and my elder sons drum kit this would be good for learning and stopping him touching his siblings

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