Sunday, 30 September 2012

LeapFrog My Talking LapPup and Musical Counting Pal

I love a good toy or gadget that a child can get educational value from for years to come. What’s the point in having a toy that just gets tossed aside quickly because they get bored and are ready to move on?
Due to the above, I was super excited when these little babies arrived in the mail for Mr.T from the fantastic Leapfrog Australia.

There is something so unique about the LeapFrog line of toys. They are made for educating! And of course, they are fun, bright, durable and adaptable. Tick, tick, tick, tick!

The My Talking LapPup is awesome. Scout, the pup, immediately caught Mr.T’s attention. The animated mouth makes it look like the pup is really talking as it lights up.

What I love is how this toy can be used from 6 months right through to 36 months. Mr.T loves playing peek-a-boo with Scout which is just perfect for his development at the moment. It was gorgeous watching the little smile come across his face as he realised that everytime he popped the lid open Scout would say “Peek-a-boo!” or “Here I am!” similar to words I may use when we play peek-a-boo together!

Ignore the odd socks! Hehe

The buttons are bright, as well as nice and big for little fingers which is great for motor skills. For older children Scout encourages them to identify shapes and numbers and his voice is very clear and easy to understand. I just know Mr.T will get plenty of learning value out of this for a long time.

Another plus of this little guy is he is such a nice size. Perfect for your little one’s lap which makes it easy to take along in the car, pram, etc. A winner!

Another perfect little lap toy that came Mr T’s way is the Musical Counting Pal. This little birdie sings more than 15 melodies including 5 classical tunes from Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and more. It’s so nice to hear some beautiful tunes on a toy, something that is easy on the ear!

The number pad is a soft fabric which is great for little hands and the fact that it’s focussed on numbers 1-5 makes it perfect for early counting skills. Children can get lost in numbers. Starting with a smaller amount of numbers is much more beneficial in my opinion. Once they establish that they can then move on from 6-10 and so on.

The Musical Counting Pal also helps develop colours by encouraging the user to match the coloured objects to their number.

LeapFrog has a fantastic website too that I had never checked out before. It’s worth taking a look! It is super easy to navigate and see what toys are available for a particular age group. But also, you can create a Learning Path for your child by creating a profile for them and adding the toys they have to the profile. It gives you a detailed look at what learning your child is going and where they can head next. A great resource for parents and I’ll definitely be using it for Mr.T!

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  1. How cool and cute are those toys. I think my 16mth old would love them both. They seem to like the noisy toys. At least these are educational.

    1. They are awesome! Super cute, and they are noisy but in a good way. Not annoying noisy like a lot of other toys!

  2. I love scout! My eldest used to go to sleep each night listening to the musical slumber scout... until he ran out of batteries x

    1. Ohhh there's a musical slumber Scout! Will have to look into that one! Thanks for reading and commenting :-)