Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kid-Free Anniversary? I think not.

It's our wedding anniversary this Thursday, the 17th of January. 3 years have flown by and we've been through thick and thin (though nothing too dramatic), it's mostly been smooth sailing.

Our wedding was a big mish-mash of two cultures. We got married in a Coptic Orthodox Church and had our photo shoot and reception at a beautiful winery.

In true Steve and Ange style, our wedding was not without its quirks. We had some interesting photo shoot photos done (see below) and a photobooth at our reception. Then there was the time the Egyptian music cut loose and so did the Egyptians (And some Aussies) as a hilarious belly-dance off took place. Oh, and we can't forget that our best man wore a kilt during his speech and that my husband got my garter off by getting on a car trolley thingy...oh dear.

Our first anniversary was spent the way a typical, romantic anniversary should be. We drove around wineries in Coonawarra, had a picnic on the beach and ate at an amazing Thai restaurant so we could get all nostalgic about our honeymoon in Thailand.

Our second anniversary was a little different. Mr.T was a mere 10 weeks old or so. I cooked up a dinner which we had nice and late after he was down for the night...(or a few hours anyway)

And now we come to the third. One year ago, I would of thought Mr.T will be ONE and surely we can drop him off somewhere and party on and do all those romantic things!

That's not happening.

Some people might think it's crazy. Just do it. He's too attached. YOU'RE too attached. People don't consider the fact that we live so far away, with no immediate family in town, and to be honest, the thought of having to go to so much organisation, just to get out for a couple of hours, really isn't worth it. And yes,while people might disagree, he ISN'T the easiest of babies. There's only a couple of people I know that I think I could leave him with. There is a strong possibility he could cry and cry or be a royal pain in the bum. Maybe that's because he's not used to it, maybe it's not. Maybe it's just because he is who he is. Intense, happy, beautiful, exhausting and hyperactive.
Photo by Nadia Hall
So I'm embracing this anniversary as a day where we can watch our wedding on DVD and show our darling bubs the day Mum and Dad got married. Then maybe we will go out together for lunch or a picnic. Then perhaps once he is snuggled up and in bed we will get to have a special meal or chill out and watch a movie, at home, on the couch, cuddled up. I'm happy in my husband's nook (the crook of his arm) wherever we may be.

Besides, isn't Mr.T the fruit of our marriage?

FYI: I'm totally jealous of people who CAN leave their kiddies on a blink's notice and get away for the time of their lives. But I'm starting to accept the fact that our time is soon. But not now. :-)

And to sign off...here is our wedding waltz. Still love this song and see if you can spot our nephew conducting our waltz on the side near the end of the dance!

Double FYI: The professional wedding photos were taken by the beautiful Clare Metcalf. You can see her website here.

Have you had a kid-free anniversary yet or are you still waiting?


  1. We are coming up to our fourth anniversary in April.....and no, none on our own yet. We actually always celebrate it as a family, we go to the beach at Queenscliff where we got engaged and remember that day, tell the kids the story. And have a dig in the sand. Lol.
    I always justify it by saying that it was a family marriage (as Eliza was already 3), so we celebrate it as that. I love doing it this way but I also look forward to the time when we can just go for a night away together and celebrate as a couple. But we are not ready for that...it will come. Carla

  2. Oh this is lovely! What a fun wedding you had!

    I think you should do what feels right for YOU in regards to babysitting. I have lots of family in the same city, they are all less than 10mins away, but, I couldn't leave my babies overnight until they were 2. They just seemed so small! Now we occasionally go away overnight and the children have a ball with their grandparents. You are right, your time will come.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Lovely photos. I have never heard that song before but I like it!!

  4. Nice photos but I feel like I'm a better mum with time away 3 kids under 5 is hard work. Enjoy your special night.

  5. We have been married for almost 13 years and still don't always get to go out on our own :) As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. We do leave our kids with others a lot so we can attend functions etc but we have the luxury of family living close by and kids who are happy to have sleep overs! Looks like your wedding day was lots of fun - congratulations on your anniversary! Found you via WW.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Such gorgeous photos!!!!

    visiting from Wordless Wednesday!

  7. Thanks for sharing photos of your special day - it looked like lots of fun! I'm lucky my parents always babysit on our anniversary, or at least try to. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Liked the clinking of the glasses for you to kiss during you dance. Page boy and flower girl looked like they were having fun. Looks like and an amazing day.

  9. Your time will come :-)

    I remember wanting to have a nice dinner out with my hubby on our 5th wedding anniversary - something special for the 5th. Anyway, our 2nd child was 8 months old - she screamed, wanted a breastfeed, clung to me. My mum eventually made us leave. We were half an hour late for dinner, scoffed it down as quickly as we could and then rushed home. I'm being realistic now and looking ahead to our 10th as one to make special!

  10. Happy Anniversary .Gorgeous photos.

    I hardly left my twin babes for almost 4 yrs (still breastfeeding) and I didn't want to either ...well much.
    We have had kid free anniversaries before them (other big boy is 19)
    Thanks for linking up.

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  12. Gorgeous wedding photos, beautiful memories made there. Happy Anniversary!