Thursday, 3 January 2013

Getting Fire educated - STIHL Tips and Gloves Giveaway

It's going to be hot, hot, hot in Victoria over the next few days. I was watching the Regional news last night and as story of fire after fire rolled out, I realised I probably wouldn't look at these news stories with such a dismissive eye again. 

 Last December my brother's farm burnt down and the results were devastating  I remember driving through the next day, seeing the blackness that swept over the land. It was so depressing. We were lucky, nobody was hurt and the CFA did an amazing job to save the house and some structures. After the fire I started to look around closer to home.

We are landscaping (STILL!) and so our backyard is all dry grass and not much else. Reading these tips from STIHL has definitely got me thinking about our landscaping!

Consider the placement of garden beds, trees and other flammable objects. You should aim to keep the area around your house and other structures free of plants that can easily catch fire and then ignite the buildings. 

Dense shrubs should be kept away from a house, especially windows. If these burn closely, they can cause windows to crack and embers can then enter the house. Try STIHL’s Hedge Trimmers which are convenient, quiet and offer precise cutting. 

Keep grass mowed to less than 10cm as fire can travel quickly through long grass. Regular mowing, weeding and raking are important to remove potential fuel. STIHL has just released its very own Cordless Lawn Mower, which makes it possible to mow the lawn easily, comfortably and with innovative battery technology. 

Use pebbles or rocks in your garden, not mulch, which is highly flammable. Keep wood piles away from the house, as embers can easily ignite these. Store flammable liquids away from the house. If possible, store in flame proof containers. 

To check out more of STIHL's range check out their website.


To help you get your property ready and safe for the bushfire season, STIHL is giving away these leather gloves to one of my readers. Simply be the first person to leave a comment and your email below and they are yours. Easy. Good luck!


  1. these would be awesome!!

    1. Congratulations Narelle! Can you email your current postal address please :-)

    2. Thankyou! have emailed you my details x

  2. These would be fabulous & very useful.

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