Sunday, 30 December 2012

Not another 2012 end of year post...Ok, I lied, it is.

Once upon a time it was the year 2012 and there was a young mummy throwing her hands up in the air with absolutely no idea what to do with her screaming, non-sleeping baby. She was out of work completely for the first time in 10 years and circled the house everyday looking for something to pounce on that would give her some kind of mental stimulation and that did not revolve around (lack of) sleep, and the painful wind her bubs had which was causing it.

She cried a lot, didn't have anyone to turn to in her small, dingy little country town and was an all-round pain the ass. Her poor husband was ridiculously supportive and often resembled a deer stuck in headlights who might be walking on eggshells no matter which way they turned. He tried incredibly hard to always do the 'right' thing but most of the time there was no 'right thing' as this mummy was friggin' exhausted and would take it out on whatever, whether it was the wrong or right thing to do.

Time passed though and things got better, then worse, then better again. This naive mummy was learning that expectations in society are a big load of B.S when it comes to babies and that her baby just wasn't going to be a sleeper. But he WAS going to be an awesome eater, laugher and hugger. And that started to suit her just fine. She stopped the ridiclous amount of googling and trawling through forums that had her obsessed with all the things he couldn't do like sleep for hours, fall asleep on his own, or play without her in the room and finally began to just ENJOY her baby.

She started to stumble on blogging and started up her own Blog. She planned it to be just full of educational tidbits for parents but it turned into something more and her blogging soon saw her writing for a major parenting website, attending blogger events and reviewing and keeping items she loves.

Towards the end of 2012 she found herself in the position of no part-time teaching jobs available and has decided to keep persuing the Blog as well as developing a small business. Her husband has been incredibly supportive and she is really looking forward to giving it a red hot go.

She's ending 2012 the way she wants 2013 to be...
"But for now, I'm just going to end 2012 the way I want 2013 to be - Good food, good wine, good company."

Thanks so much for reading over the last few months and I hope you join me in 2013 as I move from full-time mum to full-time mumpreneur!

Are you making a major change in 2013?


  1. Haha I love it Angie Pangie! All the best for 2013! Love Sami

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