Saturday, 1 December 2012

And the next rant on marketing I give you is...

This one.

The burger is not for children. It's an adult-sized lamb burger. I really don't understand why they have taken an innocent, sweet nursery rhyme and used it to create this cannibalistic phrase. It certainly doesn't make me want to eat their lamb burger.

Mary had a little lamb goes like this...

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.

These simple few lines conjure images of a little girl, prancing in lush green fields, her lamb, as white as snow itself, trailing along behind her happily. They have a beautiful bond and the lamb will never leave her side.

Now why would you blast that with this?

Mary had a little lamb fries and a coke.

That is destroying to me. Furthermore, it's missing a comma which just annoys me even more.

McDonald's. Aren't they the ones that support children in all sorts of ways? Like through the Ronald McDonald House and McHappy day? Seems a little contradicting to me. That such a 'child-friendly' corporation, could destroy such an innocent, child-friendly nursery rhyme.

I've seen this on billboard everywhere, and I thinks it's ridiculous. Yes, I'm guilty of eating there, when I'm desperate. I'm sure most of us are. But that doesn't mean I agree with this campaign. So much rubbish out there is destroying children's innocence already. Why add to the mix?

Has anyone else seen this billboard? What is your take on it? Does it make you want a lamb burger?


  1. I totally agree! I was quite shocked when I saw this advertisement - definitely does not make me want a lamb burger!

  2. Yeah - it really puts me off. I don't eat lamb - but that add kinda turns my stomach.

  3. This certainly doesn't make me rush out and buy one.
    Nothing is sacred these days. Children are expected to grow up so fast. Why can't we at least leave the nursery rhymes out of it.

  4. Don't worry Ange, one day Spell Check might start picking up missing commas, etc ;) Mwah, Jenya :)