Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Year I became a Blogger

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Everyone seems to be reflecting on the year that was in terms of their Blog at the moment. I don't really feel like I can do that considering I just checked, and I only started blogging in August. August? It feels like I've been doing it for ages. It still blows me away sometimes that people actually read this stuff, and whether a post has had 50 views or 500 views, the fact is, someone is reading this stuff that flows from my brain to my fingers as I type. Strange feeling.

So before I became I blogger I..

- Was going insane in a very small town with little to do and a baby that just would not sleep.

- Was trying little business ventures here and there and doing a lot of Google searches.

After I started blogging I never thought...

- That within only a few months of blogging I could be getting all sorts of great perks and even getting some cash here and there.

- I would meet any bloggers in person

- I would constantly hear "So how's your Blog going?"

- I would talk about the blog endlessly and what awesome products or opportunities were coming my way to my husband

- I would make some new friends. People I could see myself having a laugh or a coffee with.

- It would lead me to some inspiration and (hopefully) future business ventures!

It seems like everyone around me is fascinated by this whole blogging thing. I find it awkward to explain, and I get a bit funny about it because I forget so many people I know, and don't know, are reading this thing. Christmas brought forth comments like "Careful! Ange will put it on her blog" or "Are you going to blog about this?" and "Have you been blogging?" all in good humour or curiosity though. Still, it kind of dawned on me that I am a blogger. It still feels odd. But oh well! I'm sure I will get there.

So I guess 4 months in it's official. 2012 is the year I became a blogger.

What's one big thing you did in 2012?


  1. Got married to my beautiful Ashton! Sami K

  2. Started reading blogs! And began considering writing my own... Not sure how/why/purpose but that it might be something I would enjoy for "me". Megan M.