Monday, 10 December 2012

Tag - You're it! All I Want For Christmas...

So I'm catching up, catching on. Bit of both really. The lovely Jess from Essentially Jess started a tag game last Tuesday amongst us bloggers and I was then tagged by the equally lovely Lara from This Charming Mum. What do you have to do? Write a Christmas wishlist! Hmmm, so many ways to go about this. Keep it witty, sentimental, sarcastic, materialistic or a little from Column A, B, C and D. Well, here is the road I chose to take...

All I want for Christmas is...

You see, some bloggers may be shocked to know that I have been living a blogger lie! I don't have a laptop, or a smartphone. Yes, you heard read me. I've been all, up there with the tweets and the Instagram and the instant 'stuff'...but only because I've been borrowing my husband's phone and using his laptop when he brings it home from work! I went so far as to swap phones with him so I could look all trendy this year at Keep Left Blogger's Breakfast Challenge - my first bloggy event ever. So ahem. Bring on a new phone and a laptop...please? I have hooked up with Virgin Mobile as their new product tester, so hopefully that package will arrive before Christmas! And as for the laptop, well, I'm crossing my fingers.

Yes, this is seriously my phone right now...

Every year around Christmas time disaster strikes in my family. I kid you not. From car accidents, to illnesses and this year was a first - fire! We have decided our family is cursed with disaster around the busiest time of the year, so curse, be gone!

What were once beautiful cherries! Photo by Tanya Mikhail

Last Christmas I couldn't drink due to having a newborn. I missed out on the festivities that occur when my father-in-law brings out his best reds and port. I know he missed drinking with me too. I mean who wouldn't? The amusement that people seem to get from me after I've had a few seems to provide entertainment for weeks, sometimes years, as the jokes of what I said or did go on and on. I miss being a red wine buddy! Now that I'm only breastfeeding the little guy once, twice tops a day, I think I could squeeze in just the one drinkie in that time where there's hours and hours before the next feed.

Down the hatch! Da vino! Photo by Clare Metcalf

Last Christmas my little guy was such a baby. Who am I kidding? He is still a baby! Well, he always will be to me. But I can't wait to get cuddles from him at Christmas time and he is going to be surrounded by SO many cousins this year. Hugs and kisses all round!

Sniff sniff! He was so LITTLE! :D

There is just too much of it in the world. And it's growing EVERYDAY! I'm not sure how much more autotune I can take and I'm not sure I want my son growing up amongst it? It's OK though. We're training him up. Check out the vid. Kid's 12 months old and rocking out to Pearl Jam already. Bless his soul!

And with that I say "Tag! You're it!" Sorry if you've already had a turn and I didn't notice...

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Oh and seeing as it's Tuesday again, I am of course linking up with Jess on IBOT! :-)


  1. Oh no! Number 2, how awful, what happened?

    1. Well they aren't sure yet, but a 42 degree day definitely happened :-( The CFA did an amazing job saving the house though and nobody was on the property when it happened!

  2. Oh my goodness! I just hope there's no disaster that causes you to hit the bottle, seek out cuddles and go foetal in the corner to melancholy '90s rock! But if there is, make sure you share it with everyone on your new iToy. Great post :)

    1. hahaha this cracked me up. Thanks Lara. Great comment! :D

  3. haha love the fact you'd like to end all bad music, nearly as difficult as World Peace. Go the cuddles - and may you get those cuddles all year around xx

    1. haha yes, it is comparable to World Peace isn't it? Oh well. One can dream. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Thanks for the tag :) I only got a smart phone about 12 months ago. One of my first blog events I wonder in with an actual book melways. You should have heard what people said. Too funny. But now I have my smart phone I'd never go back.

    1. hehe. This made me chuckle. I used to be totally against owning a GPS! I did have a nice phone for a little while, but Mr.T drooled all over it and it was gone. The new one I'm getting is apparently water, dust and everything-else proof! Looking forward to putting it to the test.

      And you're welcome! Looking forward to seeing your list :-)

  5. I'm all for the bad music too. Can you work on that for us with maybe a 2013 resolution?

    1. Hmm, could be a bit tight. I might need to just brainwash one child at a time to like good music, and have enough babies to count as the whole human race. Boy that sounded creepy!

  6. Hmm, I think you need the red wine after number 2! Cuddles are the best aren't they? I can't wait for Christmas cuddles, but steal some regularly every day :)

    He hello from #teamIBOT

  7. I think the apple fairy needs to vist you and send an iphone and a macbook. They are seriously my most favourite toys ever! :)

  8. I think you need to get on the apple train! I lovely phone and our IPad's! Just waiting for the desktop to go to tech heaven and I will be getting a MacBook!

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  10. Babies sure do grow far too quickly - and I hear you about the music thing! What about that nursery rhyme where they are yelling the whole way through the song, and its called music?
    And yep - send that curse away for ever more.
    I love your list of what you want for Christmas....will have to think about what our family wants :)
    Loving this idea!

  11. Hope you have a wonderful busy season, disaster free this year!
    Fingers crossed your wishes come true for you :-)
    PS. I haven't had a smart phone for very long either. You won't know yourself!