Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Eating My Colourful Veggies and Fruit!

Today is the launch of a fantastic program which I am thrilled to be able to tell you about. It’s the 'Eating My Colourful Vegies and Fruit' program and it is launching in 600 childcare centres and 10 primary schools across the country this month. The aim of this program is to encourage toddlers and primary aged children to eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruit.

The program is being launched in conjunction with Australian Avocados as well as nutrition and education experts Shelley Woodrow and Nadine McCrea. It is an initiative that uses development-based, food exploration activities to help establish good eating habits for life.

Resource Kits will be sent to centres and schools along with a tray of fresh avocados (yum!) to help kick-start a range of activities to encourage children to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables! The activities will encourage children to use their senses to discover new flavours and textures. Of course they will also incorporate literacy, science skills and more!

Now, I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable lady when it comes to food. I love to cook. I like to explore fresh ingredients and spices and herbs. I think I know what’s good and what's not when it comes to food. But even I was surprised to read some of the findings by nutritionist and chef Zoe Bingley-Pullin. Here’s some of them that I thought need serious consideration and some tips to go along with them!
Infographic by School of Mum
Source: Australian Avocadoes Media Release, 2012 – Analysis looked at three options within each category.

You all know I’m a big lover of working with food and getting children involved. The benefits are endless. There really is nothing more pivotal to educating children about food than to get them involved; tasting, smelling, creating. Children will never know where good food comes from if they keep seeing food in a packet or tin.

I’m going to be combining some of Zoe’s tips for fussy eaters, as well as her recipes over the coming weeks to hopefully inspire readers to making a conscious decision when choosing food for their toddlers as well as help you encourage your children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Fingers crossed there will be a guest post from Zoe too!

Here is my first attempt at one of Zoe's recipes: Funny Faces!

 A total success for us as you can see! Mr. T LOVED all the different colours and touching everything. The avocado was his favourite part!

For more information about the program be sure to check out the website and Australian Avocados also has a great Facebook page with tips and ideas for healthy eating!

Have you got some tactics for fussy eaters in your house? Share with me here! I'd love to hear them.

*Please note, I was given information about the program through a media release. This is not a sponsored or paid post. It is something I am passionate about and was keen to pass the information on to my readers!


  1. Love your pita bread face! Looks like someones had a lot of fun eating it!

    I'm big on trying to get my boys to eat well. Recently I had a rainbow week for food:


    And yesterday we played shops with healthy food:


    And last month we had a healthy treasure hunt:


    And 'planted' ready to eat healthy food:


    There are other things I've tried, as I have fussy eaters!

  2. Lol Mr T looks happy to pull apart his lunch. My girl does that too. Thats such a great program will have to look into it.