Monday, 15 October 2012

The Ergo Carrier - Fulfilling the Dream

Before Mr.T was born, I dreamed of carrying him close, smelling his newborn smell, letting him sleep, feed, dream  - all while I was putting the washing on in the sun, going on shopping trips and perusing Sunday markets.

So off we went to the Baby Store, naively saying we wanted the best of the best and disregarding the cost. We bought some big, popular brand and I thought all my above dreams would come true. Instead we came home with this:

Ok, so it didn't quite look like that. But it had so many buckles and straps, it was a nightmare to put on, and take off. I persisted until one day I was trying to put it on without my husband’s help while on a shopping trip and I gave up – Mr.T was screaming, people were looking. The whole thing was rather embarrassing. It went back into the cupboard and stayed there.

A little while later I entertained the idea of purchasing a sling, but those hopes were dashed when I mentioned it to my Maternal Child Health Nurse who went on to tell me of a recent death of a baby due to the incorrect wearing of a sling. My husband heard that and completely ruled out the option of purchasing a sling. And with time, and too much money spent, I decided to put the dream to rest.

Then came my chat with Pinky McKay and when I told her about the endless carrying of my heavy, solid boy she told me that the Ergo was the best! She even used it herself with her grandkids. Intrigued, I went on to research and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable, safe and you guessed it, easy-to-use they looked! A conversation with ErgoBaby Australia was had and before I knew it, the beautiful 'Portofino' baby carrier was at my door.

I thought I would at least need my husband the first time I used it but I couldn’t wait. And I didn’t have to! I was able to get it adjusted all by myself. I was super proud! I was starting to see that my initial dreams could now become a reality – even if Mr.T was a little bit bigger now. Here are some of the adventures we’ve had with our Ergo so far...

Front position: I thought Mr.T wouldn’t like this too much but he loved it! When I went walking around our family farm with him and told my Dad just that he said – “Why wouldn’t he? He’s close to his mum, he’s comfortable and he can hear her heartbeat”. So true. I guess I thought because he was a bit bigger he may not enjoy it, but that was certainly not the case! He often falls asleep like this on me too, so I can’t wait to be able to walk around when we’re out and about and have him just fall asleep in there. No more tantrums in the pram!

And for the minor 'issues', there’s a solution: For starters, there’s a baby insert that goes in for newborns (SO getting this for the next bubs!) and as you can see he does like to munch on the strap but ErgoBaby have a solution for this too! Teething Pads! So really, how can one complain? They’ve got it all covered.

Back position: This was the favourite position for Mr.T. Once I got used to the fact that he was safe and I was hands-free, which is a strange feeling at first! I really started to notice how amazingly comfortable this position is. He loved being up there, slapping my back and laughing! And it really does free you up if you are out and about. No different to carrying a backpack really! Although of course you do need to be safe with your movements J
Hip position: This was of course, the most natural position to put Mr.T in. He pretty much lives on my hip. Surprisingly though, I don’t think we will be using this position much. He tended to bop around a bit too much for me and arch his back. Just a personal choice. It may work well with a bubs that’s just that little bit smaller.

The benefits of baby wearing is phenomenal. I generally thought, yes it’s good for me, and good for bubs because he feels safe and secure, but research told me it was so much more! Here’s a few facts that hit home for me from Babes in Arms.

Infographic by School of Mum: Facts from Babes in Arms

So, if you’re looking for a carrier that’s going to last for ages, be comfortable and safe to use I would highly recommend the ErgoBaby Carrier. I know I won’t be going back!

You can check out mine and the latest designs here

Did/do you carry your bubs? What are the benefits for you?

*I was sent the ErgoBaby Carrier to review, however this is an honest and objective review. All opinions are genuine and my own.

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  1. Love your post! I carry my little man and he loves it. We use the ergo carrier as well and it has withstood tons of use and travel. It took me a while to get comfortable with the back carry but now it is my fav!