Sunday, 28 October 2012

These Bikkies are going straight to my...BOOBS!

Pinky McKay is onto an absolute winning idea with these lactation cookies. My breastfeeding ‘story’ with Mr.T is a long one, and like so many others, breastfeeding didn’t just happen as one magical moment for me. It took a lot of work, extra wakings, expressing and the list goes on. I was put on ‘motilium’ to help boost my supply, and while it did work, I would of loved to have a more natural alternative. I did come across lactation cookie recipes on the web, but as if I had the time or energy to make them, and furthermore, where in the heck was I going to get brewer’s yeast from? I live an hour and a half away from anything!
It's pretty easy to talk yourself into the fact they aren’t going to your hips – just your boobs, because they taste good. The other selling point to buying them and eating copious amounts is that they are full of all natural, organic ingredients. So there’s no nasties (like chocolate) that can pass through your breastmilk and make some babies unsettled.

So how do they work? Well, the brewer’s yeast is rich in Vitamin B and essential minerals. Other ingredients that have been known to boost supply are flaxseed and oats. There’s also some folic acid, Omega 3 and iron in there which we know is all full of goodness for you when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

I love how these come individually packaged. It does make it easier to stop at a couple, but also you don’t have to worry about them becoming stale and they are so easy to throw into your bag or nappy bag so you can dig into one while you’re out and about. 

They are so nice and soft in the centre and they taste GOOD. They kind of remind me of a softer ANZAC biscuit. There is a slight hint of the yeast in the taste, but it’s not unpleasant (and I don’t even drink beer!) I have DEFINTELY felt fuller in my boobs upon eating them, and being the sort of girl who notices a dip in my supply when i am extra tired or busy, they have definitely come in handy.

Pinky has really thought of everything, because you can SUBSCRIBE to have them delivered to your door! What a winning idea. For someone who comes from a rural country town, anything that is easily delivered gets winning points with me.

If you are looking to buy them however you can check out the stockists here. You can also buy them carton or subscribe to have a monthly supply delivered to your door from the website!

Not sure but would love a free sample? Pinky is onto that too! Just click here to get some.
This is vanilla flavour which I was lucky enough to try. They also come in orange and cinnamon flavour - Yum!

So, have you tried lactation cookies? Think you will try these ones? 

*I was sent this product to sample and review. All opinions honest and are my own.

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  1. I have also heard of these cookies to bake and never baked them. Never had the time and like you couldn't find all the ingredients. i saw her at the baby and toddlers expo and thought it was a brilliant idea.