Monday, 12 November 2012

A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural and Empowering Birth

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When I was pregnant, I did not read one book about birth. I read so many books about pregnancy and what was happening to my body and just kind of figured that the birth would be covered by my obstetrician and pre-natal classes.

Such a bad decision to make. After all the horror stories I kept hearing (why do women love to tell those?) and fear that I may give birth on the side of the road instead of at the hospital which was an hour and a half away, my fear for giving birth was huge. It was big as it was, without all that other stuff over my head.

This book is a fantastic read. I was a bit sceptical at first. But I came at it from a person who has now 'been there' and it really made me reflect on what I WANT for my next birth. My obstetrician, who was amazing, had convinced me that I didn't need a birth plan and that it's those that have them, who end up needing every intervention under the sun and end up so disappointed.

I wasn't disappointed with my birth, but I wish I had asked the questions "Why are you breaking my waters when the birth is going just fine?" and "Do I HAVE to be induced because I had a spike in blood pressure?"

This book is real. It doesn't tell you that everything will definitely be smooth sailing or that it will just be some beautiful, pain free experience. But it does tell you that birth is empowering. That you should explore your options. And that yes, modern science is amazing. But remember, it is your body and you have the right to make choices.

A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural and Empowering birth is a collection of inspiring birth stories, expert tips and practical insights to help you overcome your birth fears and reclaim the fact that you have the power!

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  1. Birth: the moment when you get to bring new life in to share with the world. They may leave your body, but from that day they'll never leave your heart.

  2. Breathing, stretching, releasing life,
    The only moment is now,
    Strength, trusting her body's ability,
    Transformative, triumphant, joyous cries,
    The birth of both mother and baby <3

    By Jessie Hay

  3. That moment when nothing else matters as you hold your new born in your arms and you have completed your right of passage into motherhood!