Friday, 16 November 2012

Sleep Tips Saturday and GIVEAWAY - Dinosnores

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Now you all know I have a baby who sleeps through the night and is easily relaxed.


In fact, it's the complete opposite. Tom's paediatrician described him as 'hyper-alert' and he is definitely that. While he is now sleeping better thanks to our osteopath visits, he can still take hours and hours to wind down  so that he can get to sleep. Everything is too exciting. What's that on the wall? I wonder if I can reach for that thing over there? And did you hear the dog bark? I'm pretty sure these are all the things going through his head as he looks around in a million directions and moves around at the speed of light when he is supposed to be sleeping.

Dinosnores offers a possible solution to a child like this. Relaxtion and meditation for kids.

These CDs are designed by child and language experts and contain stories and soundscapes to encourage relaxation and visualisation. The sounds in the background are calming and the narrator talks in a soothing, soft way.

I really like that the background sounds blend in with the story and drown out household noise at the same time. It helps for a distracted child such as mine.

I also like that the CD runs for 30 minutes and the story starts to wash away as the soundscape takes over - leading (hopefully) into a blissful sleep.

The teacher in me really likes the fact that the stories contain bite sizes bits of fact that the child is more than likely going to learn when hearing it night after night and the instructions are simple and specific.

So you might want to my little guy falling asleep listening to this? No. But he is 12 months old and for me that just isn't going to happen. I do put it on to help him wind down in his cot though, before I come in and feed him etc. He gets enchanted by the voices.

I think for all ages this is helpful, especially when used early on. I'd be keen on trying out the range for school-aged kids! It could be fantastic for ALL children but especially those with special needs. I think learning to 'stop', 'breathe' and lay still, really is a learned skill. Not even I am good at it. Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and lead to a more peaceful existence. Who doesn't want that?

You can buy Dinosnores CDs here
And you can listen to some samples here

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  1. I have liked both pages on FB and shared on twitter. However, your FB link to the Dinosnores page is the wrong one! I think this is the one you meant and is the one I have liked: "Dinosnores Sleep Stories- Relaxation for Kids - Sleep CD"

    To relax, I have a late shower/bath, and get hubby to give me a light massage. Nothing relaxes the body and mind better!

  2. Thanks Effie. All fixed and good luck!:-)

  3. To relax, I read, or do jigsaw puzzles (surprisingly relaxing). Inspired by my elderly father who completes huge puzzles even though he's colour-blind.

    Shared on twitter, and liked both pages

  4. Oops, my email is

  5. I play soothing music and read a relaxing book, it calms my whole family and works everytime

  6. Have shared on Twitter here and liked both pages but with personal Facebook as don't have a blog linked one - if you pick me can I share my true identity with you so you can check? Mine is an anon blog. Cheers :)
    My relax to sleep trick: I visualise a lovely, calming, smiling, reclining Buddha statue. Then I focus on my breathing. It works. I wish my toddler would do same!!

    1. oh and email:

  7. Nothing better than laying in bed and getting a back rub, asleep within minutes! Unfortunately it doesn't happen often!

  8. For me, a hard game of basketball (which we've won, of couse, a loss doesn't help at all!) followed by a warm shower does the trick!

  9. A warm bath and a few pages/chapters out of a good book usually works for me!

  10. Kids in bed, dishes done, HOT bath, coffee, warm Pjs & socks then snuggle up watching a fascinating nature documentary

    Liked & shared on FB as Chon Ky

  11. we have zen music n lullabies playing in my little ones room and listen to it through the baby monitor
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  12. i have shared on facebook

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  14. to relax i listen to my ipod or read a good bbok with a nice cup of hot chocolate i also take a long hot bath and then read a good book or watch a nice movie

  15. I LIKEd School of Mum on facebook