Friday, 23 November 2012

There's only one thing that's as a good as a holiday...

A holiday!

I hate the phrase "A change is as good as a holiday". It's not!
I get changed in the morning - Good as a holiday? No.
I might change what I have for breakfast -
No holiday
Change the sheets? No pleasure there

Perhaps I make a big change and move some furniture around or get a haircut? Still, doesn't cut it (pardon the pun).

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I could go on, but I won't. It's obvious what I'm getting at here. Living in a small country town makes me a little stir-crazy. I have always felt the need to have a little escape a couple of times a year. My husband and I love staying in Victoria. It's cheaper and there's always somewhere we haven't been yet. We've had weekends away at The Dandenongs, Halls Gap, Apollo Bay, St Kilda and the Mornington Peninsula. And there's still plenty of spots we are yet to visit.

We haven't been on a weekend away since the little man was a few months old. And when you live an hour and a half away from anything, and I mean anything, your brain starts to long for a change, whether that be a nature change, sea change, shopping change, culinary change - whatever. You just end up needing to step away from the place where anonymity cannot exist and you've pretty much seen every corner of every street.

So our next visit is Big4 Bellarine in a few weeks time. Especially excited for more reasons than what's above. Here's why.

When I first 'met' Sophie Bone via Twitter from Big 4 on the Bellarine Peninsula, I was but a very small fish. I still am. But she seemed friendly so I asked her some questions about blogging as she seemed to support the blogger world. "How about you give me a call?" she wrote in a message. I was beside myself. Before the call, I made sure Tom had lunch, we were sitting outside and I had a pen and paper all teed up. I was nervous as all hell, but once we started talking that just went away and I got tonnes of advice from her which has now been absolutely invaluable, including getting rid of my egg on Twitter! When she invited us to come and check out her place, I couldn't believe my ears. Me? I have not even 100 followers on my Blog's Facebook page, and I'm an EGG! Seriously!?


This used to be me.

Time passed as life got busy and now finally we have locked in a date. When I received the confirmation email from Sophie, I thought for sure this place is going to be unreal. When I think of Big4, I think Caravan Park, and this is so not that. Sophie offers in her confirmation email a lasagne in your fridge when you arrive and she suggests doing your grocery shopping online and having it delivered straight to your accommodation. She also reminds you not to forget to pack your shorts for the indoor, heated pool. And oh yeah, there's massages on-site too.

Um, Caravan Park? I think not! Can't wait to meet this amazing business mum in the flesh and check out her digs! :D

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