Sunday, 18 November 2012

GIVEAWAY: Nappy Wallet - Lullaby Creations


When I first got to know Renee to run her first giveaway, it seemed she was really just starting out. I was amazed by the quality and how durable Tom's Santa Sack was. I could see that this was a business that could go places!

I've been keeping an eye on Lullaby Creations' Facebook page and Renee's products continue to blossom! She has some absolutely gorgeous ideas and products available, and so of course, her business continues to rise and is sure to be a great success!

So I was pretty excited when Renee told me she would like to send me one of her latest products. I immediately opted for the 'jungle theme' as my little man is all things jungle!

When it arrived it was no different from the Santa Sack - Quality material and durable. The first thing I noticed was how nice and wide it was. This isn't one of those nappy wallets that won't be used because you can't fit anything in.

Secondly the detail in the stitching and the inside of the pocket are so cute. Such a great touch!


The change mat looks easy to wipe down (though I haven't tried that yet) but the best thing is - it can all just go in the wash anyway!

I'm loving some of Renee's most recent products for sale. Check them out:

Renee has a Facebook page and a new Website. She also frequents markets including the Gisborne market and Williamstown market in Victoria.

GIVEAWAY - Want to win a handmade nappy wallet with a choice of fabric for you or a friend? It's easy.

1. COMMENT below – Tell us a brief nappy story from your house!

3. SHARE this post on Facebook or Twitter with your friends – By Clicking Share below and either Facebook or Twitter. It helps if you tag us in your entry too.

Too easy! The winner will be someone who has done all of the above and has a creative answer will win! So get entering. Christmas is just around the corner!


  1. Ha ha ha...nappy stories...I have tonnes. Funnily enough must involve my husband. The most recent "incident" involved my husband changing our daughter. He grabbed a nappy and put it on. When I changed her next time I laughed so hard after seeing a newborn size nappy on our almost 2 year old. I don't know how he actually got it on her.

  2. As a teenager I was babysitting my brother's children. The youngest was really stinky. Being the kind-hearted sister that I am, I attempted to change the nappy but started dry-reaching. My 6 year old niece told me to get out the way and she took over. Just as we finished dressing the child, their mother walked in the door! Unfortunately, no stinky nappies when I've left my child with my niece... one can live in hope!

  3. I've been changing nappies for almost 9 years straight! No breaks in between! This would be welcome here! :)

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  4. When my youngest was a newborn my husband insisted he'd topped up the nappy bag before we went out. Any how the baby required an urgent nappy change (it was a disaster zone down there). As I was in the store he took our son to the parents room to sort this out. Needless to say that once he had undone the poor buggers nappy and realised the extent the poo-nami he reached into the nappy bag for the wet wipes and a nappy. THERE WERE NONE! I got a phone call saying drop everything I had and go and get some nappies and wipes IMMEDIATELY. Want a job done - do it yourself! He has always been thorough since.

    This would be a welcomed addition for baby #3.

  5. My story is pretty goss. Our little dog thought it might be fun to get into the nappy bi :P I cant say anymore as I think I'm going to be sick , hahahah

    1. sorry about the spelling , i really did think i was going to be sick♥

  6. Recently when I change nappy for my little one, he's always in 'Doggy Style'(excuse me for using this phrase), I have no idea what's wrong with him, I guess he doesn't like lying down. This improves my nappy changing skills :D

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  7. my son wont let me change his nappy till its hanging down to his knees then he will come and say kiki mummy kiki and undo it oh bot the dash to catch it its not always wet:)