Monday, 5 November 2012

Let's Get to know Oh My Giddy Aunt!

There's a new sponsor at School of Mum and I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know all there is about Oh My Giddy Aunt and founding Chief Aunt, Nikki!

Oh My Giddy Aunt! creates custom-made jewellery and beautiful keepsakes to tell the stories of your life. It is seriously worth checking out their website. I spent AGES going through all the beautiful products. I can't wait to share with you all my favourites as part of the Christmas Giveaway! 

Long before Nikki became a giddy aunt in 2003 she was a Fairy Queen. Really. She was. Nikki started one of the first fairy shops in Queensland - Fairies on the Downs. Back then, she was known as "Fairy Queen NikkleTikkle".

Prior to that Nikki worked in children's theatre, wrote children's books (including Magenta's Tartan Socks), told stories and taught preschoolers and adults (usually not at the same time). More recently Nikki has worked as Development Manager and then National Director for Australian charities promoting child health and protection. She currently volunteers on the Management Committee of the Youth Advocacy Centre. Her work with these organisations constantly reminds her of just how precious our stories are and the importance of treasuring special moments.

What a busy, and amazing business woman Nikki is. I could only dream of doing all that she has!

Nikki designs many of the giddy goodies on her website She also works with other Australian and international designers, and sources traditional keepsakes and personalised jewellery for the collection. Oh My Giddy Aunt specialises in  “Keep Forever” and “With Meaning” Gifts – giddy aunts have something to commemorate every special occasion in the circle of life.

Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki loves making ideas happen - What I love about Oh My Giddy Aunt is it is so easy to communicate your ideas and make them happen at an affordable price. 

This is a fantastic online store to visit if you are after a way to 'wear' your story or you are looking for a memorable piece for someone special in your life.

Create your own pendant: Gorgeous idea or what!?

Today Oh My Giddy Aunt creations are made in sterling silver or solid gold but imagination and love of story is still at the heart of every piece.

Be sure to check out their website or Facebook page!

Tell me: Are you excited to see what's on offer for the Christmas Giveaway from Oh My Giddy Aunt? Would you love to wear something that commemorates your life story or family?


  1. Wonderful giveaway! I love My Giddy Aunt.

    If I could choose one thing from their website - it would be a laser engraved ring - with a latin inscription that helps me remember that my brother is close, even though he's no longer with us.


    1. That's beautiful! They do have such gorgeous items

  2. What a fantastic giveaway - and just the right time of the year as well !!!
    I am going to check her website out tonight.
    Have a great day !
    #IBOT visitor

    1. Perfect time of the year. I could buy Christmas gifts for all the ladies I know from Oh My Giddy Aunt!

  3. wow great idea. i'll pop over and have a look

  4. Love those birds in the first pic.

  5. I love personalised jewellery. There is something so beautiful about a unique product.