Thursday, 15 November 2012

50 Shades of Blokes - GIVEAWAY

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! CONGRATULATIONS EFFIE! Stay tuned everyone! There's another opportunity to win this trilogy coming up! 

Guest Post by the husband - Steve East

One day, as I was walking through a department store, I came across a display of that book which it seems every lady, sister, mother, grandmother and Aunty twice removed have been reading, Fifty Shades of Grey.  I was a little curious so I decided to pick it up, open to a random page and have a quick read.  Well...what I read was like something from the Scout’s Handbook of Knot Tying... and they weren't using ropes. I put it back down and haven’t given it much thought since.
Until now... 

The other day Ange handed me a book and asked me to review it for her Blog.  She told me that it was the bloke’s version of '50 shades' titled Fifty Shelves of Grey.  I knew I was onto something good when I read the author’s (L.O.L James, of course!) thank you at the beginning.  When someone thanks The Todd from TV show Scrubs, who is the inventor of the 'I’d Double Her Entendre High Five', you know exactly what you’re going to get.

The ‘story’ revolves around two characters; Christina Grey- a well to do home owner whose place has fallen into quite a state of disrepair; and Dave Woode, the Handyman whom Christina has hired to fix her, sorry, the house up.

I read each page with that naughty schoolboy grin and every so often I couldn’t help but release a hearty chuckle as the lonely Christina endeavoured time and time again to seduce the ever helpful and innocent Dave using the language she thinks he might understand- good ol’ DIY jargon.  Needless to say there are many jokes referring to fixing up her plumbing and working on her backdoor and as such this book may not be up everyone’s alley.  But if you like a good double entendre about screws, butts and hot wax then this book could be your perfect Christmas gift.

What’s more it’s slim so that it can fit neatly in an inside pocket of a tool bag. No, I really mean an actual tool bag.

Just like the original this parody has spawned two sequels: Fifty Spades of Grey  for those who enjoy getting a little dirty in the garden; and Fifty Shades of Grass for the sporty bloke who knows the importance of having good ball handling skills.

Fifty Shelves of Grey is perfect for the bloke on the go.  Including an interruption or two, I had it finished in about 45 minutes.  You don’t have to worry about unimportant things such as character or plot development.  Each page is an episode unto itself and the characters are set in stone.  Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the DIY language, Dave is quite a patient teacher, just ask Ms. Grey.

Fifty Shades- Erotica for classy blokes.  Enjoy!

The books are available online at (or any online bookstores), nationally in department and bookstores, Ebooks online on amazon and Ibookstores.

You can also check out the author chatting with Kochie recently on Sunrise

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  1. my hubby doesnt get spending more than $10 for an item of clothing. has a hissy fit when sees my credit card statements but then comments the item of clothing looks great

  2. My husband didn't get why all those women were reading THAT erotic fiction book and why I laughed so much at 50 shades of grey but still kept reading past the 1st page.

  3. My partner still doesn't quite get the whole idea of make up, fake tan, hair straighteners etc! But I'm glad he doesn't as it shows he loves me anyway! He also doesn't understand my obsession with gorgeous clothing for my girly and why she needs so many but as I keep saying to him you can never have to much of a good thing! ;)

  4. My hubbie was not born with the shed gene, so he just does not get going off for a bit of 'me' time in the shed.Consequently there are no 50 projects of shelving going on either. But he does make up for it in other ways..................

  5. My hubby doesn't get Facebook and I find it so funny. It is not that he is not tech savvy he just doesn't get why people would update their status.

  6. Our children were driving me batty,
    I was totally stressed to the max,
    A 'play' is just what I needed,
    To lie back, enjoy and relax!
    I put on my sexy lingerie,
    Cooked hubby a fantastic dinner,
    But he fell asleep watching the cricket...
    My plan was a failure, not a winner!

  7. He just doesn't understand planning a holiday is based around the best patchwork and scrapbooking shops! 8 years and still working on him!